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Chengde suken Galaxy Party committee held a clean reminder and style education conference

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Recently, Li Hong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Yunnan Xiyi, organized a clean reminder and style education meeting for all managers of the connecting rod business segment during the investigation, inspection and guidance of Chengde suken Galaxy company. Ding Wenyin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of sunken Galaxy in Chengde, presided over the meeting, and the middle-level and above managers and middle-level reserve personnel of Chengde headquarters and all bases attended the meeting.

Ding Wenyin requires all management personnel

●  First, we should strengthen our ideals and beliefs and be politically sensible. Earnestly strengthen the exercise of party spirit, improve the cultivation of party spirit, and truly transform the armed theory into practical actions that dare to take responsibility and faithfully perform their duties;

●  Second, be honest and clean, and be a clean person. Consciously accept supervision, ensure integrity and self-discipline, maintain awe of Party discipline, national law and system rules, keep the bottom line of integrity and self-discipline, and set an example in safeguarding the authority of the system;

●  Third, we should take political construction as the command and be a person who adheres to the principles of the party spirit. Adhere to the discipline and rules in the front, and form the consciousness of "dare not rot, can not rot and don't want to rot";

●  Fourth, further change the ideological style, self pressurize, take the initiative to change, and strictly restrict yourself at all times according to the requirements of good cadres put forward by General Secretary Xi;

●  Fifth, take the lead in improving the work style, resolutely overcome formalism and bureaucracy, prevent work from floating on the surface, adhere to the bottom line thinking and problem orientation, dare to face problems directly and pay close attention to the implementation of work.

At the meeting, Li Hong led the organization to study Xi Jinping's speech at the National Party Construction Conference of state owned enterprises.

●  First, we should strictly abide by the party's political discipline and rules, be strict with ourselves at all times, and implement the "two safeguards" in practical action;

●  Second, we should constantly improve our political judgment, political understanding and political execution, scientifically grasp the work trend, fully estimate the possible difficulties and risks, and comprehensively improve our work ability;

●  Third, have the courage to take responsibility and be good at doing things. Work hard, think hard and summarize well in work. Constantly improve the scientificity and effectiveness of work methods and methods, and avoid "only looking down at the car and not looking up at the road";

●  Fourth, we should always maintain a sense of crisis in participating in market competition, a sense of pressure that "contribution" is closely linked to performance, and a sense of responsibility that "there must be something to do";

●  Fifth, all Party members and cadres should concentrate, eliminate all fear of difficulties, increase the assessment of measures to increase income and reduce cost, unswervingly sprint to challenge the profit target, and lay a solid foundation for a good start in the 14th five year plan.