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The company was established in March 2004, being developed from China YTO Group Chengde Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Co., Ltd., which was one of the first batch of nationally planned and established professional crankshaft and connecting rod manufacturers for internal combustion engines in 1962. Our company was officially incorporated into Xiyi Company in October 2016.


In 2020, Xiyi Shares integrated the connecting rod section, the group later changed its name to Chengde Suken Yinhe Connecting Rod Co., Ltd. Until year 2021 there are 1101 employees and total assets of 700 million yuan. In addition to the base plant of Chengde, there are also four branches ---Yancheng, Chongqing, Kunming, and Liuzhou. The total number of production lines is 26, with a total connecting rod capacity of 28million pieces annually.


By the end of 2021, Chengde Suken Yinhe Connecting Rod Co., Ltd. has exported to Germany, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia and other more than 10 countries, in recent years, the overseas foreign exchange record. In the new five-year plan, we will continue to expand overseas business, and strive to achieve the master plan of foreign exchange income by the end of the 14th five-year plan and reach the total income target.